Henry and Fran Brewing Co. is a 5bbl Farm Brewery located in West Boylston, MA.  H&F started with a phone call out of the blue. Tim had called me asking about hops he had grown and how to use wet hops. Within about half an hour, I had convinced him that opening a brewery would probably be the best way. So, I stuck grad school on hold and off we went. 

Our focus extends beyond the juicy IPA's we often brew; to include farmhouse ales, sours, and barrel aged creations. Many literary and culinary influences find there way into our work as well. More than anything, we don't want to put out something you've tasted before. We are constantly striving, regardless of beer styles, to find new ways of approaching them and often find inspiration in unexpected places. 

We are not currently open to the public. However, a taproom and larger brew space is in the works. Stay Tuned!