Kerrin Parkinson- Kerrin is an amazing artist that grew up 5 minutes down the road from our brewery. She currently teaches at Maine College of Art and in South Portland at her studio.

Dan Blakeslee- Dan is a unique artist and incredibly nice fellow. Aside from working on his art, Dan can be found rambling throughout New England playing folk music anywhere and everywhere. Last year, he also completed his first US Tour.

Shane Taylor- Shane is a NBPT local and personal friend. He has amazing talent, and I'd encourage you to check him out!

Matt Hannison- Matt lives and works near Providence, RI doing all of our tap handles with various unique woods. We don't tell him what kind to use, we just tell him to have fun.

Maine Malt House Mapleton, ME            

Four Star Farms Northfield, MA              

Valley Malt Hadley, MA

Heifer Project International  These awesome people set up sustainable farms for communities and families around the world for free. Our grains help feed the livestock they raise in Rutland, MA